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What we do

Over the past decade, we have worked to make service to others an indispensable part to the restoration of Snohomish County. HopeWorks VISTA Program brings the assistance to help impoverished Americans climb out of poverty. 

Our team

Our AmeriCorps members and partnering organizations are providing opportunities & resources to at-risk individuals so that they can climb out of poverty.

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Host a


Explore ways in how we can make a difference in your local community.

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We are

uniting Snohomish County through service.

Our AmeriCorps members serve within communities to bring out the best of America. 


We bridge communities together by connecting individuals and organizations to help communities tackle their toughest challenges. 


We provide resources and people power to organizations dedicated to the improvement of communities. 


We enrich the lives of those we serve and those who serve


We empower an entire ecosystem committed to the betterment of communities across Snohomish County. 

O U R    M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T    -----

Expanding our

Mission Statement

Our pledge is to build capacity in Snohomish County organizations through sustainable projects which focus on lifting individuals out of poverty through the partnership with AmeriCorps.

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