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HopeWorks VISTA Program Host

c O N T A C T    U S    T O D A Y    -----

All across the country, people are coming together to help organizations in need to help build strong, vibrant communities. Our HopeWorks VISTA Program makes it easy for all individuals to engage with potential organizations through national service projects. 

Bringing the 

best of America

to Snohomish County

AmeriCorps members come equipped with the talent and drive to be a game-changer in your project. Through the HopeWorks VISTA Program, you may request AmeriCorps members to serve with your organization full-time for one year.


with our

Our program is an effective, low-cost way to attach and utilize the human capital your program needs to jumpstart new initiatives. We reduce the complexities and overhead costs of launching and implementing any AmeriCorps members that you would have on your own.


Additionally, we make it easier for you to access national service resources by providing channels of greater flexibility and ongoing support. You can rely on our extensive experience and knowledge in areas such as, but not limited to: grants management, marketing outreach, social branding - all of which reduces your administrative burden and allows your organization to focus on the important work of alleviating poverty within your local communities.

A P P L Y    N O W    -----


your project

Allow us to place highly qualified national service members within your nonprofits & agencies throughout Snohomish County. We focus on developing community-changing projects derived specifically on building organizational capacity and infrastructure. 

Get the support you need to bolster your efforts in volunteer recruitment, fundraising, research, marketing analytics, nonprofit administration, and more.

Stay in touch with our latest news, events, and opportunities. 

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